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From 10 to 27 Nov 2022

Where and when

Atelier Carlo Colla & Figli
Via Montegani 35/1 - Milano
M2 Abbiategrasso - Tram 3


Gio. 10 November 2022 – at 20:00

Altri spettacoli
Ven. 11 November 2022 – at 20:00
Sab. 12 November 2022 – at 20: 00
Dom. 13 November 2022 – at 16:00
Gio. 17 November 2022 – at 20:00
Ven. 18 November 2022 – at 20:00
Sab. 19 November 2022 – at 20:00
Dom. 20 November 2022 – at 16:00
Gio. 24 November 2022 – at 20:00
Ven. 25 November 2022 – at 20:00
Sab. 26 November 2022 – at 20:00
Dom. 27 November 2022 – at 16:00

for the schools

Tue. 22 November 2022 - at 10:00
Wed. 23 November 2022 - at 10:00


intero 16€
ridotto under 25 10€
ridotto over 65 8€
ridotto soci TCI e Feltrinelli 12€
ridotto dipendenti Comune di Milano 10€
scuole (spettacoli riservati) 8€
biglietto verde A Teatro con Fidaty - Esselunga

è inserito nel circuito di Invito A Teatro


Info / booking

02 89 531 301

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The performance follows exactly the development of the fable of Charles Perrault, from which it originates, and has the structure of a mimic action on a music theme. “Cinderella”, written in 1906 by Carlo II Colla, opens in the history of the Compagnia Carlo Colla e Figli, when they enter at the Gerolamo Theatre in Milan as Permanent Company, the chapter dedicated to the fable (in the following years the Company produced “The Sun’s bride”, “Puss in Boots” and “I nani burloni”) and begins a conception of marionette theatre that wants to get over the dualism between performance for children and for adults creating, on the contrary, a dramaturgical reading that suggests to different cultures and experiences (like the ones of the children and the adults) emotions and fascination of different kinds.
The characters, following the tradition of the marionette theatre, are charged of definite meanings and allegories compared with the reality and its representative models, while the actions becomes an intense but concise tale with theatrical factors, from the enchantment to the subtle persuasion in the immediate reception and in the memory.


fiaba musicale in due tempi di Carlo II Colla ed Eugenio Monti Colla


Carlo Durando


Francesco Bosso e Achille Lualdi


costumi storici della Sartoria Caramba

costumi nuovi di Eugenio Monti Colla, realizzati dalla sartoria dell’Associazione Grupporiani

direzione dell'allestimento

Carlo III Colla

technical direction

Tiziano Marcolegio


Eugenio Monti Colla



Comune di Milano - Teatro Convenzionato