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From 11 to 11 Sep 2021

Where and when

Stadthalle Osterode am Harz
Gottingen, Germania


Sat. 11 September 2021, at 17:00


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02 89 531 301

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Early music and antique crafts united in a truly unique spectacle: the Carlo Colla Marionette Company & Sons in Milan is staging the work of Georg Friedrich Handel “Giustino”. The great baroque music celebrated by the puppets in a staging able to conquer the national and international audience.
The combination of puppetry and melodrama was born in the second half of the seventeenth century: the phenomenon is very easy to understand, if we consider the age, the essence of the actor - puppet and the relevance of the musical phenomenon.
In three hundred years the public's habits have changed radically. Yet it seems that these puppets are easily able to forget this time.
The "Giustino" by Georg Friedrich Haendel presents, in addition to an extraordinary musical texture that attained great success at its birth, a dramatic structure of the exception that embraces the great theatrical themes: the thwarted love, the palace intrigue, the heroics, the final recognitions in the background of a military conflict between the Eastern and the Western Roman Empire. Ample material for the marionette world, the pomp, the wealth of situations, the tricks and gimmicks of the Baroque era to celebrate the music of Haendel.

The show involves 14 puppeteers, seven singers and 26 musicians, and is represented in collaboration with the orchestra Lautten Compagney Berlin.


Opera di G. F. Händel

Versione per marionette di Eugenio Monti Colla

scenes and lights

Franco Citterio


Eugenio Monti Colla e Cecilia Di Marco


Franco Citterio, Maria Grazia Citterio, Piero Corbella, Camillo Cosulich, Debora Coviello, Carlo Decio, Cecilia Di Marco, Tiziano Marcolegio, Pietro Monti, Giovanni Schiavolin, Paolo Sette, apprendiste marionettiste Veronica Lattuada, Michela Mantegazza

esecuzione dal vivo


Wolfgang Katschner, direttore

technical direction

Tiziano Marcolegio


Eugenio Monti Colla


Associazione Grupporiani

Comune di Milano - Teatro Convenzionato

NEXT Laboratorio delle idee – Regione Lombardia