Sleeping beauty... in Boston!

The Carlo Colla & Sons Marionette Company has been working for more than two centuries in the theatrical field and is actually one of the oldest groups still in activity.

As the company declares:

"The aim of the USA tour is not only to present one of the most significant plays oftheir repertoire but also to advance the knowledge of a theatrical tradition dating back to more than two centuries ago. This tradition has been, and is still today, an expression of the Italian culture and of the historical and social development of our country. Its progression alongside two hundred years of Italian history combines the theatrical component and the handmade work, whose specific techniques are now used in our laboratories (sculpture, carpentry, tailoring, scenography, hairdressing, etc.) for the productions of the new shows and are themselves part of the Immaterial Cultural Heritage.

Why “Sleeping Beauty"? Because of our attachment to fairy tales, those told in books and those that are inside each one of us, where time and space do not exist, where good and evil are determined and circumscribed, not fluctuating and inscrutable as in real life; and where harmony always triumphs. Besides, we want to visually celebrate a literary genre that was created for adults and over time was unfairly restricted to the world of infancy for an erroneous and widespread conviction that confuses the taste for "narration" with the fantastic appeal to children's imagination.

The choice of "Sleeping Beauty" echoes one of the most significant features of our program: the fact that it is directed to audiences of all ages, from young to adult and even to elderly people. At the same time, it shows that our repertoire blends together 19th century themes and stories staged in recent years with equal dignity, communicative ability, and expressiveness."


Attila per i piccoli

Formazione per insegnanti
all’Atelier Carlo Colla & Figli
12 ottobre 2013

In collaborazione con l’Associazione Lilopera, proponiamo un momento di formazione gratuito per gli insegnanti dell’ultimo anno delle scuole materne e di tutte le classi primarie e secondarie inferiori. L’evento ha la finalità di illustrare l’elevato valore didattico e il potenziale interdisciplinare dell’opera lirica. Al termine della presentazione la Compagnia metterà in scena, per gli insegnanti, un estratto dall’opera.
L’Associazione Lilopera fornisce, a richiesta, supporto didattico in classe con professionisti di comprovata esperienza per approfondire gli aspetti più interessanti e nascosti delle opere. 
Incontro gratuito con iscrizione obbligatoria all’indirizzo
Info - T. 02 394 35 100